How To Have Relaxing Baths Every Day



There’s no denying that having a bath is something that most people relish after a long or stressful day. Getting into a bathtub full of warm, soapy water is an excellent idea for helping to relax and unwind.

Science has also proven that taking a bath encourages better blood circulation in the body, resulting in fewer aches and pains. Having a bath each day or night is undeniably beneficial on so many levels. But, how can you guarantee a completely relaxing bathtime?

Take a look at the following tips and tricks to help you achieve the ultimate relaxing bath experience at every bathtime:

Keep Your Bathroom Spotless

There’s no point in attempting to have a bath if your bathroom isn’t clean. Dirt, dust, scale, and mould can make you feel anxious and won’t do much to help you relax – especially after a challenging day.

That’s why it’s important you keep your bathroom spotless as much as possible.

Consider giving your bathroom a deep clean every fortnight, and giving it a quick wipe-over every other week. You’ll find that such frequent cleansing will mean you won’t have to spend much time on your cleaning regime.

Heat Up Your Towel

When you’ve finished having a bath, it’s always a nice feeling when you dry yourself with a warm, clean towel. Firstly, the warmth will help you get dried quicker, and secondly, it can be very welcoming if you’ve just had a bath on a cold winter’s evening.

Most people have heated towel rails in their bathrooms (typically connected to their gas central heating systems). Some smart heating systems allow you to only heat specific radiators in your home, such as your bathroom’s heated towel rail.

Light Some Scented Candles

You might think that lighting some candles is only something you’d do if you wanted to have a romantic evening with your significant other. But, lighting some scented candles in your bathroom will help set the mood for a relaxing spa-like experience during your bathtime.

Scented candles are available to buy from High Street retailers like Lush. Alternatively, you’ll find some for sale at your local supermarket. Wherever you go, make sure you buy scented candles that emit a calming aroma.

Play Some Relaxing Music

Another proven fact is how listening to certain types of music can alter your mood. For example, listening to classical or tranquil music will help you feel calm and relaxed, and it’s something you can do as part of your daily bathtime routine.

If you worry about water and electricity mixing in the bathroom, it’s worth knowing that you can invest in a battery-powered, wireless music player.

Alternatively, you could play some music from your smartphone outside of your bathroom and stream it to a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom.

Have A Shower Before A Soak

It might seem like a strange thing to do, but showering before you have a soak in your bathtub is actually an excellent idea. Firstly, it means you can relax in the bath knowing that you’re clean and feeling fresh. Secondly, you’ll feel indulged in having a bath in clean water.

Lastly, you can just rest in the bathtub instead of completing your cleansing routine awkwardly in a bath full of water!

Use A Bath Bomb

You might have used bubble bath mixtures or even shower gel in your bath as the water fills up the bathtub. But, have you ever used a bath bomb?

In a nutshell, a bath bomb adds emollients and softeners to the water, helping to moisturise your skin and keep it feeling fresh and smelling great. What’s more, bath bombs tend to “fizzle” as they make contact with water, resulting in a fun bathtime experience!

Wear An Ultra-Soft Bathrobe

When you have finished your relaxing bath, you’ll get out of the bathtub and dry yourself – hopefully with a warm towel from your heated towel rail.

Of course, wearing a towel around you doesn’t feel very comfortable as you head in the direction of your bedroom to wear some clothes. That’s why it makes sense to wear a soft, fluffy and comfortable bathrobe, such as the ones offered by Richard Haworth.

Another advantage of wearing a bathrobe as you exit your bathroom is that it’ll keep you warm – useful for cold days and nights.

Apply Some Body Moisturiser

Lastly, apply some moisturiser to your body as part of your evening skincare and beauty routine when you exit the bath. Doing so will ensure your skin is always hydrated and feeling at its best after a rejuvenating and reinvigorating soak in the bathtub.

Final Thoughts

This blog post is by no means a definitive guide to having a relaxing bath as each person may want to consider variances in the above suggestions. However, what you’ve read here today will help you achieve a calm and relaxing bathtime.


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