Tips For Commuting When You Don’t Have A Car

Many people opt to go car free, it can be a huge saving and is good for the environment. Visit if you have considered going car free.

1. Be aware of the route

During the rush hour, traffic is typically quite heavy. So, it is best to practice the route you need to take during less busy times and not the day you need to go to work. You might think your commute would be simple, however, it may be quite dangerous and stressful if you’ve never done it before.

2. Wear the right clothes and use lighting

The vast majority of cyclists believe that they are quite easily seen and visible than they are in reality. Unfortunately, about 15% of accidents that happen, do so in conditions where there is little light. As a result, it is crucial that you wear reflective clothing as well as purchase lights for your bike.

Thankfully, the cycling industry has tons of reflective gear as well as smart technology which will make sure you’re very visible while on the road. It isn’t legally required for you to use a helmet, however, it is highly recommended since it will help to save your life if you ever get into an accident.

3. Signal properly

While commuting, you need to signal properly to be safe. You shouldn’t automatically believe that the other people on the road know what you want to do due to how you’re positioned on the roadways. Make sure and signal properly and look over your shoulder before you move to another position.

4. Be confident and not cocky while riding

Remember, you have a right to be on the roadways, just like everyone else. Being aware of this will help you with cycling and ensure you don’t ride too closely to the curb where you can easily run into rubbish, potholes etc which can lead to injury. Be confident while you ride but ensure that you remain alert and avoid cockiness.

5. Practice good control at roundabouts

It is important that you make sure that the other road users can easily see you when approaching or on a roundabout by signally and positioning. You should always give way to vehicles coming from the right and use the correct lane as you’re approaching the roundabout. You should always signal early so that other road users know what you’re about to do.

6. Practice patience

Don’t be another angry commuter. It is easy for people to get angry while commuting to work on the morning and most people on the roads are there during rush hour. Remember, most people on the roadways are simply trying to get to work on time. So, strive to be calm, forgiving and patient while on the road, especially with people who are angry and aggressive. Whenever someone does something kind, give thanks using the appropriate hand gestures.

7. Dismount when you need to

Whenever you feel particularly tired or unsafe riding, you should simply dismount and walk. However, be aware of where you should dismount. For example, don’t dismount in areas such as pedestrian crossings or pavements since this is illegal and disrespectful to pedestrians and other people on the road.

8. Traffic lights

Avoid breaking red traffic lights since this is illegal and very dangerous. It can easily cause you to get into an accident, especially by someone else who is speeding up on the amber light.

Always be conscious of the lane you’re in and ride your bike confidently. This is important so that other drivers don’t try to squeeze past you which could easily cause you to get hit. Make sure to use cycling boxes when they are available.

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